Wednesday, August 1, 2018

researching the impact of volcanoes

Today me Vaiola and Hiria did this all by our selves and it was fun.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


 For writing Summer was nearly ending and now autumn has just begin. Now autumn is coming the leaves start to fall down to the morning dew on the grass. In a far away school there was a boy named jacob who was riding his bright Kowhai bike to pick up his friend named James. “Summer has ended” said Jacob “Yeah and now we have autumn” replied James They continued to walk to school suddenly Jacob push his bike and James fall down to the ground that it was really hurtful, that his knee was bleeding that he really need help Jacob was trying to help his friend but he just felt guilty of himself that he hurt his own friend. So a car stop by and helped James get up and gave him a plaster . “Sorry James” Jacob Resopnly said “It okay Jacob” James Replied They finally went inside school and was really happy that they straight away went to class before they were late ! Bonjour ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today Me and Vaiola made this short narrative writing ! This is mainly about autumn leaves. Comment down below !

Weather is made

The different conditions for the weather

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Walking narrative

Brainstorm of ideas -  friends, walking, bush,  mud, wet dew

Describing character/setting -  going for a walk to the bush, bags, bright kowhai t shirt, pink mawhero
t shirt,

Ideas for the problem -  Got hurt, fall down, took for ages, winning, arguing,

Ideas for the solution -  Happy, excited, played, talk , stop arguing,

Start here: On a chilled relaxing saturday  morning Jack and James
went for a cool relaxing bush walk out in the woods .

When they were walking  they got see the beautiful mother nature
with amazing it amazing creature shroud by the bright seaweed green
when they were walking they could explore more out in the nature, that
they were having so much fun on that relaxing day.

Meanwhile James went off by himself of to a  bush farway from Jack
that he was hiding than he fall down and hurt himself. Now he was
stuck because he couldn't find his way  out so Jack went to look for him,
when he was looking for him but he couldn’t find him so he look at
every bush but he could still look for him so he said to himself
“where are you james” he yelled  James heard him and said “here
in the end of the bushes”

So Jake ran to him and found him, they both went back home and were
happy to see each other that they had a wonderful morning and
adventure looking  at the creatures that it was a great exploring.