Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Walking narrative

Brainstorm of ideas -  friends, walking, bush,  mud, wet dew

Describing character/setting -  going for a walk to the bush, bags, bright kowhai t shirt, pink mawhero
t shirt,

Ideas for the problem -  Got hurt, fall down, took for ages, winning, arguing,

Ideas for the solution -  Happy, excited, played, talk , stop arguing,

Start here: On a chilled relaxing saturday  morning Jack and James
went for a cool relaxing bush walk out in the woods .

When they were walking  they got see the beautiful mother nature
with amazing it amazing creature shroud by the bright seaweed green
when they were walking they could explore more out in the nature, that
they were having so much fun on that relaxing day.

Meanwhile James went off by himself of to a  bush farway from Jack
that he was hiding than he fall down and hurt himself. Now he was
stuck because he couldn't find his way  out so Jack went to look for him,
when he was looking for him but he couldn’t find him so he look at
every bush but he could still look for him so he said to himself
“where are you james” he yelled  James heard him and said “here
in the end of the bushes”

So Jake ran to him and found him, they both went back home and were
happy to see each other that they had a wonderful morning and
adventure looking  at the creatures that it was a great exploring.

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Focuses for writing this week
Explanation in my own words.
Where do speech marks go
In the start of your conversation and at the
end of you sentences.
How to put in other punctuation
? they go in the inside and any punctuations
When to start a new line or when to keep writing
When two or more people are talking if it is

only one person talking you just keep talking.
Different words for ‘said’
Replied, asked, respond, politely, yel,
shouted, mumbed, gutted, thought, whispe
red, gaspard,
Adding adverbs
Respond politely, cried sadly, asked politely,
screamed angry

“Who can I pick on?” asked Miss Ashley.
“Me” replied Timote.

“How was your day?” asked Hope.
“Great, thank you” replied Miss Ashley.

“How was your weekend”
asked Dwyane.
“It was good” responded Havea.

If more than one person is talking, you put the reply underneath.
Mary was a beautiful girl who was wearing her long black hair in two plaits.
She asked her mum, “can I go to the pools today?”.
“Why do you want to go” mum replied.
“It’s hot and I want to cool off”.
“Fine then”

If it’s only one person, you keep going.
Little red riding hood walked along the dirt path and thought to herself “I’m getting hungry”.
She had walked a loooong way but the thought of warm apple pie when she got to
grandma’s house kept her going.

“Hi Vaiola how was your day?’’said Hope“Amazing,
how was your day Syariah-lee?” Asked Vaiola

“My day was great, thank you for asking”
Replied syraiahlee
“What are you doing today Hope” Asked syraiahlee

“OOHH I am really busy because I need to go school
then after school I need to go to the gym and then I
need to look after my baby sister.
How about you Vaiola?”

“Its good but really it busy because we have to go to
school then we have to walked back home which is
’real far’. Hope what time do you go to the gym?”

“KNOW!! because I have to leave at 10:40 cause it
starts at 11:00”