Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017 in Room 8

 In 2017 I really enjoyed having a beautiful teacher miss morrison. And meeting another girl Arizona My friend. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas party day.


What happened? On Friday 1st of December we got our christmas presents.
What did you get? What I got was chocolate,Maths books pens colors pencils and the last thing I got was a basketball.

Why are you grateful? I am grateful for waht I got because People spent a lot of money on presents for us. 


Wonder. Don't be a bully.

  We have been learning about not being a bully to anyone even if they don't look the same. Every one has to treat each person like you want to be treated.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


DING the bell went and we all went back to class. We all arrived to class and we sat down on the mat.
When we sat on the mat we waited for a while because we were going to do yoga.

We all go exited because we were doing yoga.
Miss morrison told us to get into pairs and my buddy was korowai.
Miss morrison put some photos up on the T.V and we started doing yoga.
When we did yoga it felt like a challenge  and we needed to be patient and wait for Miss Morrison to change the image. Me and Korowai were frustrated because some of them were hard it was hard to control and to stay calm.

We finally finished  because we were sore because we did a lot of yoga. .

Image result for yoga

Me and Korowai were tiered Image result for yoga

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zones of regulations

Today we were learning about zones of regulations. It was fun when we were doing zones of regulation.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Painting Day With Room 7

RING. The bell went for all of the students to go back to class.we all arrived to class. we sat on the mat and waited for a while. Room 7 came into our classRoom because we were doing painting.

Good morning Room 7 and 8 Miss morrison said we are going to do painting today not just any kind of painting and painting from a famous arts. Well my beautiful teacher miss morrison showed us what the painting looked like and who the famous arts was. First she made one for us to look at then she told us about the famous arts his name was jackson pollock the painting he made was a very expensive because the painting he made was a very amazing art he sold it for 140 million

We all lined up outside of the classroom and we waited for the teachers to come in the front so we can head off

Down stairs to the grass nair the park. I put the cardboard down. We went somewhere and separate because we might splash the paint on them. Some people stood up and some people sat down. we all started. we splashed the painted everywhere we splashed and splitted the paint. I used black and it looked like night I flicked the stick like a wound and I drizzled  the black and white and it look like storm. I flicked the stick and it made blobs of paint . I went with the paint and almost covered the whole cardboard. finally we finished we all lined up.

we went back to class and we put all of our painting on the tables in Room 8's classroom.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


  This is the book that me and my classroom is reading and we all know some facts about the characters.